• Unique subtle design is visually unobtrusive.

• Virtually silent operation

• Compact, lightweight (5Kg), and low maintenance.

• Simple and easy to follow installation.


• Ideal for maintaining battery charge in small load applications.








The Micro Vawt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Envirotek Micro Vawt Wind Turbine

“ We installed a Micro Vawt at our holiday home on the Fylde coast. It charges our battery bank during the week and we enjoy free lighting and 8-10  hours of TV when we go at the weekend. No more noisy generators !! “

Ken Hill, Bury, Lancashire.

I have used your vertical wind generator 30 watt yet, and it's working very good.
Do you now the weather in italy isn't no much good about wind, but your vertical usually work fine.I had connect it together my solar panels with Lithium battery 50 Ampere, and the system provides to supplies all my Led light in my home.it's Fantastic, isn't it? :-)
i'm enjoy about this expenditure!!! :-)
In the future i hope you would you make me a good price about next vertical generator.
See you in the next time, have a good time by by.

Leonardo, Italy


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