Wind Turbines For The Home

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Home wind generators  are still an attractive proposition for many people who live in a windy location. Whether it is on the coast,a flat plain or hillside, erecting a windmill or wind turbine installation can be an interesting and rewarding project.

The success of the wind turbine installation is dependent on three factors- location, location and location. You can buy the biggest and best home wind generators, but if you do not have a supply of clean  moderate wind it will be a failure. Take a look around, if you see any old windmill installations in the area, they will be there because it is o good windy location. Avoid trees and buildings and get your wind turbine installation as high as possible.

Small wind turbines for the home come in many sizes. They start at 200W up to 1 kw depending on price and manufacture. There are larger home wind generators but these may need planning permission and specialist equipment and technicians to complete the wind turbine installation.

The best installations combine wind turbines and solar panels to provide flexibility. If you live in a windy sunny location, with a little bit of research, money and good design, it is easy rto become energy self sufficient

Check our store to see wind turbines for sale


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